General Rules Applying to All Camps

  1.    Read all standing orders in Bugle Call and on Head Quarters noticeboards, and act on it.
  2. The(approximate) number of a regiment, modern campers and cars attending an event to be passed to the Projects Officer.
  3. All vehicle registration numbers to be held by unit officers/secretary.
  4. Clear up campsite, all rubbish to be removed to skip or centralpoint.
  5. Check whether raised fires or pits are permitted.
  6. Fire pits dug out, cleared of ash, watered and restored to original condition with turf watered down.
  7. No fires in Modern camp, ask camp marshal about BBQs.
  8. Quiet Times - 11pm to 7am Modern Camp ;  12pm to 7am Living History Camps.
  9. All young persons under 18 to be under adult supervision.
  10. Company officers are responsible for all guest in both camps and collecting of guest fees.
  11. Find out camp layout before camping from:
  • Minimum two feet gap between tents, twenty foot wide streets.
  • Membership cards / firearm / explosive certificates to be carried at all times.
  • Vehicles must be removed from the Living History Camps after setting up. No vehicles are allowed on the Living History Camps after 8am on battle days.
  • 10mph speed limit on camp sites and use hazard lights.
  • Gates usually close 11pm to 8am - check standing orders.
  • Please pass on any potential event contact to Projects Officer.