Minimum Authenticity Standards

SoSkAn undertakes to portray our chosen period of history as authentically as is reasonably possible.

Whatever American Civil War impression you choose to portray, your clothing and equipment must be appropriate and correct to the unit you represent.

This document aims to set out what SOSKAN considers to be the minimum level of authenticity expected of its members.

The period chosen by the Society to re-enact is 1863.

Any impression should therefore be representative of the issue of equipment and clothing available at that time.

Authentic Impression

When in the Authentic Camp, Members and Guests of the Society, should not be in modern civilian clothing at any time during the event except when unloading at the beginning or loading at the end of the event.

One major point on uniforms, we are not a "make do" organisation. Please ask about items of equipment and clothing from your own experienced Company members before buying to ensure you purchase what is correct for your units' impression. The obtaining of correct kit was once a difficult task, now, however, things are easier with suppliers in both the U.K and America within easy reach. As with all hobbies kit costs money and whilst you may be able to purchase the whole shebang at once, we fully appreciate that most of our members are on a tight budget.

To achieve a realistic impression of either a soldier or civilian during the period of 1863 is not an easy or simple task. As you can appreciate, not only must the correct clothing, equipment and armament be obtained, but also a 19th century attitude and manners be developed, especially for the 100% living history events. Whilst everyone is only too willing to help and advise you, some of these aspects will rely on your own research and interpretation. As they say

"The more you put in the more you get out."

What follows are the MINIMUM standards required, set out in an order of purchasing preference.

Please make sure that when buying your equipment that:

* In addition to the Minimum Standards, you are fulfilling the unit's own regulations and criteria.
* That you seek advice from an experienced and knowledgeable member.