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SoSkAn has  4 categories of membership which we believe provide everyone with the opportunity of belonging to a major battle re-enactment society at an affordable price.

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This form is for Existing Members only.

Please note the membership year runs from 1st January until 31st December.

SOSKAN MEMBERSHIP FEES 2017 - Rates Apply Until 31/12/2017       Any members renewing before this END OF THE 2016 SEASON will be required to pay the NEW rates.

IF YOU ARE PAYING BY CHEQUE, BANK TRANSFER , STANDING ORDER or PAYPAL   the subscription renwal fees for 2017 are:

Single Adult  ( Age 18 years and over)  £25.00

Family Membership* £40.00   (Family membership includes you, your partner and up to four children aged over 10, but under 18 years)

Cadet (Age 10 - 13) £10.00

Junior (Age 14-17) £10.00

A Standing Order Mandate and postal address details are available on request from the Membership Secretary

IF YOU ARE PAYING BY PAYPAL :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Pay Pal Charges: Renewals made via the on-line Paypal facility no longer bear a surcharge to cover the paypal fees.  Please use the drop down boxes at the foot of this page.

From the drop down list below please select your membership renewal category and then press the Buy Now button. Please note you will be prompted for your name and address during the check-out procedure. If you have any queries please Email the Membership Secretary before sending payment.

ALL members pay the annual membership fees stated above. Additionally there are 2 types of 'Guest Fees' payable at certain events: Battlefield Participant £10.00 - Non Battlefield Participant £5.00


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