UPDATED  15 September 2017


The committe is well aware that many of you like to use Facebook and correspond using the OFFICIAL Soskan Facebook page and, therefore, the discussion section of the forum is falling out of use..  There is no problem with Soskan members using Facebook and it seems that Facebook has taken over as the preferred method of communication. 

However the Soskan forum is still the place to receive up to date and official news on events and policy announcements which affect the Soskan membership.  Please use it, if only to be kept informed of what Soskan is actually doing !

 There are a number of members who do not use Facebook and the Forum still provides a means of contact for them.  Although we will not close the discussion sections down, members must be aware that communication via the forum may not get many replies !

Please be aware that the forum is available to CURRENT SOSKAN MEMBERS only, i.e those who have previously paid their 2017 subscriptions.  If you have not paid for 2017 you won't be able to access the forum until you have done so.  

How to access the forum:

Firstly, you cannot use any previous passwords (as  used on the old pre 2015 forum) to access the new forum.  To access the new forum please follow these instuctions:

Go to the FORUMS title at the top right of the home page.  Click on it and you will see a registration form.  You can use  your old forum nickname (or create  a new one )  but you must add your real name & e mail details.

You will receive a message that your application has been received  and there will be a short (as possible) delay whilst the membership secretary checks that you are  a fully paid up Soskan member. Once this has been confirmed you will become an active member of the forum  and will receive another e mail to confirm this.  Then go to the forum, log in and start using it!  

There is a facility to add an avatar (photo) of the forum member.  It is preferable that such avatars show the user in either Civil War or ordinary modern dress. It isn't really appropriate for members to appear in uniforms of other periods of history.       We also ask that you add your real name to your posts. Nicknames are great but  it's nice to know who you are really "talking" to.

Please keep your posts clean, civil and polite.  Yes there will  be "discussions" which may become heated at times, however please remember that we are all fellow re-enactors working for the same cause.  The moderators of the forum reserve the right to remove any offensive comments or material and, if necessary, to block the user.  This should not be seen as censorship, rather than providing a good environment for us to discuss matters relating to Soskan and the American Civil war.

Although the administrators of the forum ( the current committee) have a working knowledge of the basic functions of the forum, none of us are computer wizards.  If you have any problems please let us know and we'll do our best to sort them out - however a short delay may occur if we have to seek technical help.


Chris Greenaway             (Chair, Soskan)  115/9/17