Booking Soskan

SoSkAn, the Southern Skirmish Association, is the oldest American Civil War Re-enacting Society outside of the United States, and is now in it's 49th  year. In this time the Association has performed in many and varied venues around Britain, the Continent and the USA.

Venues have included small local fetes, county shows, large country clubs and stately homes with arguably the most prestigious event being the Royal Tournament and the British Military Tournament in 2011. Members of Soskan are often used by film and TV companies for documentaries, feature films and advertising.

Our aim is to honour the fallen of the American Civil War and we do this by means of "living history" re-enactments, with most members camping out in period costume and accommodation (although modern camps are also available). We recreate realistic battle scenes and skirmishes with both Federal (Union) & Confederate Infantry, Artillery and pyrotechnics along with a civilian area of our camp.

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