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SoSkAn has 4 categories of membership which we believe provide everyone with the opportunity of belonging to a major battle re-enactment society at an affordable price.

From the list below please click the membership category that suits you best and you will move to the on-line form that you need to complete. If you have any queries please email the Membership Secretary.


For new members only - Rates Apply Until 31/12/2018.


* Family Membership consists of yourself plus your partner and up to 4 children over the age of 10 and below 18. If applying for a Family Membership please will you send a seperate E mail to  with the names of your partner/spouse and make sure you include ALL First and Surnames plus dates of birth for your under 18’s.


Anyone from the age of 14 can apply for membership. If a young person under 18 years old wishes to take part in battle re-enactments, their parents or guardian must give their permission and check the box marked 'I understand' at the end of the section.

ALL members pay an annual membership fee as stated above. Please note the membership year runs from 1st January until 31st December.  

There are 2 types of 'Guest Fees' payable at certain events: Battlefield Participant £10.00 - Non Battlefield Participant £5.00

If you wish to JOIN SOSKAN  then please click on the  category buttons above and fill in the form shown. Send this to the membership secetary of Soskan, who will contact you with ways to apy for your membership

You will be able to pay by BANK TRANSFER  or PAY PAL   nad details will be supplied.

If you have any questions or difficulties  please contact the membership scretary, John Watt by email on