The Soskan Forum is no more !!

 It has been replaced by a Soskan Members Only page  which you, can access via the  Soskan website

 If you were already a member of the Soskan Forum, all you need to do is log in with your existing  username and password. This will take you to the Members Only page which is set up  as a “News” type page  with various  items added, or removed, as an when necessary.

 The content will cover:

Official news and announcements on  events, the AGM ( before and after) , non public announcements,  reminders of rules and regulations and the Official Soskan newsletters as they are produced.  Once it is established, other items such as  Warning Orders for events can be added.

 The editing and posting of articles will be a lot easier for the administrators and out of date items can be easily removed rather than cluttering the page up.

 However, there will not be a facility for discussion.  In the past year only two members have posted on the forum and one didn’t even receive a reply from anyone else.   Years ago every website had a forum but today the weapon of choice seems to be Facebook. Some members do not use Facebook, usually by choice, but love it or hate it Soskan can’t do without it !

Finally, in line with Soskan membership rules, any member who has not renewed by 31st January 2019 will lose access to the forum ( and other Soskan means of communications) until they have rejoined.  Re application for the forum etc may be required.