Quex Park 2021

Great weekend had by all at Quex Park in the beautiful Kent countryside. Most Soskan members arrived Friday afternoon putting the Union camp was put on hold for a while after the rain started to fall but it soon passed over.

Just like at Stonham Barns we had a very good turn out so thanks to everyone for that, including the wonderful public who kept us company across the event weekend. During drill the Union camp was visited by a couple of very important men, one being British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, he gave his compliments to all of Soskan and was very impressed with our whole society and impression.

Soskan opened the show on both days, the theme was Early’s raid up the Shenandoah Valley in 1864. On the first day of battle the rain started to fall, but nevertheless we carried on and the battle was well put together. It was enjoyed by all including the big crowd that were watching on both days from the side-lines. Big shout out to the pyrotechnics team who certainly woke us all up and attracted a lot of attention. Saturday evening the whole of Soskan took part in a memorial service for all fallen soldiers which was very emotional.

The second day, we started the battle with a very touching commemoration for former Soskan member Alan Killick who very sadly died last year. Being an artillery man and a Falkland’s war hero/veteran, the cannon crews fired a few volleys to their lost friend. It was very respectful.

The weather was great on Sunday and the battle was just as enjoyable, both camps had a great amount of public come though and the displays at the front of the camp went down a treat. A big thanks to those ladies and gentlemen for putting on a great display for the crowds.

The organisers of this event were absolutely brilliant and there was great entertainment in the evening. Once again thanks for everyone’s great work and hopefully see you all soon.

Your Faithful Servant

Darren Rawlings

Publicity officer