Stonham Barnes 2021

The battle of Stonham Barns June 26th and 27th 


Myself and Robert Dickson arrived shortly after 11:30am on Friday morning we received a very warm welcome by Dave and Theresa Proctor, Dave showed us his cunning plan for the weekend which was the smallest piece of paper I have ever seen, at that point we pulled out our cunning plan for the Union camp which of Course was much bigger. Ha ha. We set about putting the Union camp together which we finally managed after much effort. Before you knew it the camp started to fill up quickly and by the evening most of the soskan family was all back together for the first time in over 22 months. 

On Saturday and Sunday we took part in a small Skirmish style battle which on the Saturday saw the confederates win and take prisoners, I was one of them and can I just say I was well looked after. Sunday saw the same scenario in which the Union won the day and took prisoners, which I will point out were very badly behaved (only joking), they surrendered gracefully. During both days we had plenty of public walking through the camps and on Saturday night we saw Dave Proctor and his band play a great range of civil war songs and music which started outside the bar and then moved to the warmth of the Confederate camp fire. Overall it was a fantastic weekend. I would like to thank everyone who made it to the event and a big thank you to  Malcolm Weavers and Rae Barwick for organising the covid testing tent. Our next event is only two weeks away and we have plenty to look forward to in the coming months so keep checking Facebook, Instagram and the twitter page for updates. 

Your Faithful Servant 

Darren Rawlings 

Publicity officer