18th Missouri Medical Display

Every Regiment of the Union Army was allocated three surgeons. The impression we are showing is a surgeon's tent on campaign (please see attached images). We endeavour to make the display as accurate as possible with the help of primary source images and by replicating the equipment used to the highest level of detail available.

The surgeon's team in a given scenario consists of the following; Surgeon, Hospital Orderlies, Nursing Staff and Civilian Volunteers.

We are always eager to encourage membership of our team in whatever capacity which you feel would most interest you. We are all happy to impart our knowledge to anyone who feels they would like to take part so please feel free to approach us if you feel this is something you would like to explore.

We, as a team enjoy developing visual special effects for our displays to enhance the realism of the American Civil War battlefield surgery; which one might say has the required reaction from the public when demonstrated!

If you would like further information pleaseĀ contact David Edwards by email.

Alternatively, for further information pleaseĀ contact 18th Missouri infantry Regiment Headquarters by email.

David Edwards