Battery H, 1st Missouri Light Artillery

BATTERY H, 1st MISSOURI LIGHT part of the 18th Missouri Volunteer Infantry and the Union Battalion of the Southern Skirmish Association ( SoSkAn),

Formed in 2014 to provide Soskan with a regularly attending Federal Artillery company, the members of this battery are all  from the 18th Missouri, the links between both units are very close.

Battery H consists of a 3 inch Parrot Rifle, affectioately known as  "Polly",  with a crew of four, although there are 6 regular members of the battery.. The battery attends almost all Soskan events  and is in action at all of them. Polly forms an excellent display at the end of the 18th's Company street and the crew drill and practice regularly to hone their skills. The crew rotate their positions regularly so that, if a crew member is absent, the others can operate efficiently.   Battery H is growing fast and there are plans to add another Parrot to the battery, once crew numbers are sufficient.

Although part of the 18th Missouri, the day to day running of the 1st Mo Light Artillery is done by  Glenn Roofthooft who can be contacted by e mail on . 

If Infantry drill is not for you then try something which makes more noise !